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Lane 3000

Designed to manage thousands of transactions per day, the Lane/3000 is a cutting-edge retail PIN Pad, ideal for busy retailers.

The Lane 3000 is a Networked payment device currently available for Elavon Customers Only. The Lane 3000 supports all payment types including EMV Contact, EMV Contactless, Magstripe, and Contactless (e.g., Apple Pay, Android Pay) payment methods. The Lane 3000 will default to PIN debit for supported cards with the Interlink or Maestro logo on the card when the reader is operated in EMV-Enabled mode. There are no configurable options that change the workflow programmed in the reader by your processor at this time. 

  • Lane 3000 is used in Ethernet (Network) Mode if connected to an iOS Device.  
  • Currently, the supported Android devices that it can connect to via the USB Type-A port is the talech Register and the Moby70, 100,120 from the Smart Stand.  
  • Each iPad must use its own Card Reader if it is intended to take card payments. Lane 3000 can’t be used with multiple iPads.  
  • If your Lane 3000 is operated in EMV-Enabled Mode, you should also have PIN debit enabled on your Merchant Services account.  

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