Clover Station Duo

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Clover Station Duo

Station Duo keeps up with your business so you can keep the line moving. This all-in-one POS speeds up transactions with a customer-facing screen.

Two screens are faster than one. Keep lines moving with a 14″ HD display for you and a 8″ touch screen for your guests to confirm their order, leave a tip, redeem rewards, pay, and request a digital receipt. 
Beauty and brains all-in-one POS Attractive and easy-to-use hardware with a printer and included cash drawer and all the right software in one system.
It’s totally expandable Build a system tailored to your needs. Put together multiple countertop and handheld devices with accessories like printers and scanners, and it all works together, seamlessly.

  • Easy to use and ready to go Station Duo is ready for work right out of the box, and with intuitive software built in, training your staff is minimal.
  • Accept every type of payment Let customers pay however they want. Credit or debit. Swipe, dip, or contactless payments like Apple Pay®, Google Pay™, and next generation payments like PayPal/Venmo® QR codes.
  • We’ve got your back Protect your business and customer information with end-to-end encryption and integrated chip sensors.

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